About Wingtip:
What’s not to love about a new pair of shoes? For an artist like me, what’s not to love about a new shape of canvas? And what is more fashionably and ecologically correct than upcycling shoes into indie haute couture? Each pair of Wingtip shoes is completely unique, handpainted by me with high-quality leather paints and sealed to prevent cracking and peeling. I approach each pair as I would approach a painting. I can only make one alike, so if you love ‘em and the shoe fits, you should grab ‘em, because there might not be another pair like them, ever.  

Go right to my Etsy site and see them for yourself.
There is a coat of special sealer over the paint on your shoes which makes them waterproof, so you can clean them with water (and soap, if you were really deep in the mud).  Some inevitable wear and tear is to be expected, of course, like with any pair of shoes you wear often.  For example, the paint will probably crease if the leather creases (i.e. over the toes).  However, the paint should not peel off.  
Are you loving these shoes, but sad to not see your size? Need perfect shoes for your wedding, or your induction into the rock-and-roll Hall of Fame? Searching for a perfect gift for your favorite fashionista? Fret no more.
Tell me your size, style preference (flats, heels, sandals, clogs, kitten heels, etc), color preferences, and some general ideas about what you’d like to see on them. I will then start to comb through my favorite secret sources for an awesome pair of shoes to upcycle for you, and then transform them with my paints and imagination into something completely lovely and unique. Not to mention very hip and fun. I will be in contact with you throughout the process, with photos and updates, to make sure you will love the final product.
Being one of those artistic types who clings tightly to my artistic license, I humbly request that you trust me with the design. Directions like “I like peonies” and “I’d like them to match my wedding colors” and “black and white geometric” are perfect.  I have lots of great ideas, and frankly will bristle at micromanagement.
If you would prefer, I could also paint a pair of your own shoes, which you already know and love. Be completely sure about it though, because the paint is permanent.
The cost will be between $150 (very simple design or not much surface area) to $400 (boots).