Community Supported Art!

Join my CSA!

Community Supported Art, that is...

How it works:
⇒Like the agricultural version, my CSA will be run by selling shares in advance of my creative outflow for the year.  I am always working on new paintings and prints, and also new products and ways of presenting my work, so for me this offers huge motivation to create and explore, as well as the financial backing to do so. 
⇒This year my CSA season will run in tandem with the Farmers’ Market season, April-December.  Pick-up will be at the market, or in the mail if you chose that option.
⇒Hopefully every share will be like getting those yummy ripe tomatoes in your veggie CSA, but there’s always the danger that you’ll get the equivalent of a bushel of’s a gamble, but I promise it will be fun and interesting.  
This is a great gift idea!!!  Imagine your friend or significant other getting a present every month...

What you get:
⇒Receive something fun from my product line, a seasonally appropriate arty surprise at the start of each month, starting the first week of April, 2015.  This might be a small print or etching, a journal, a selection of Christmas cards, a T-shirt, a funky little box, tile work or new formats.  Also, CSA members will be the first to see any new card designs.
⇒Additional discounts and coupons for members.
⇒A good feeling about supporting my creative process throughout the year!  
What it costs and how it works:
⇒If you’re local to the Ithaca area, and can pick up your share, the cost for the market season will be $225 ($25 per month).  Pick-up will be at the Farmers’ Market from April–December on the first weekend of each month.  If I am traveling (as often seems to be the case), I will make other arrangements with you.
⇒If you would like your share mailed to you, or a gift for someone far away, the cost for the year will be $270 ($30 per month).
⇒If you join partway through the year, the cost will be prorated for the remaining months.


You can download the sign-up form here, and mail it to me with a check.

Or, purchase right here online:

Price: $225.00